I love to connect with people through speaking events.

Here are a variety of formats and topics


Comedy Breaks: Large events often need a little something to get people engaged. I can customize 5-to-10-minute, comedy breaks to introduce the day, get people back in their seats after lunch, and re-energize the crowd in late afternoon.

Friday Night Funnies: Available any day of the week or time, this 60-to-90-minute presentation gives us the chance to kick off with humor, add in a spiritual truth or two and then have time for interactive learning. A great topic for this is “Gumball, Meanie, or Weenie God?” where we explore the misconceptions about God. Then we talk about how understanding the truth about God’s character can help us when we struggle. Other topics are listed below.

Laugh and Learn (1-, 2-, or 3-Day) Events: Longer events give us more time to dig deeper into spiritual truths and allow for more time to apply what’s learned. To brainstorm your upcoming women’s ministry retreat or event, simply reach out using the contact form below.


  • “Really God? Are You Kidding Me?” Laughing Through the Seasons of Life
  • “Gumball, Meanie, or Weenie God” Who is God Really?
  • Funny Stories That Will Give You Confidence to Share Your Faith
  • Why Disappointment is Dangerous
  • How the Bible Applies to Driving in Traffic

Let’s talk about your upcoming event and how I can help.