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Filled with funny stories and real-life experiences, Really God? Are You Kidding Me? helps you apply your faith to everyday events. Infused with humor and grace, you’ll laugh, cry, and discover that having a conversation with God is easier than you think.

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Dodgeball and Cancer • Doctor Office Decisions • Marital Status • Divorced but Not Defective • Widowed and Falling in Love

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Life Is Odd

Life is funny and not always in a laugh-out-loud kind of way. Sometimes life is funny in an odd way. As in, life is so stinking hard you’re torn between crying, screaming, or taking a nap.

If you ever throw your hands up and say, Really God? Are You Kidding Me? this book is for you.

How It Works

A short story introduces the topic, then invites you to chime in on how it relates to your life. Relevant Bible verses get God’s take on things, and then conversation starter questions help keep the conversation going through journaling and prayer.

40 Real-Life Topics

Based on the life experiences of Arleen McClean, a divorced, widowed, breast cancer survivor, this book covers topics on:

  • Daily Life (Stress, Anger, Loneliness, Friendship, Love)
  • Sexuality (Identity, Unfaithfulness, Pornography, Abuse, Restoration)
  • Sickness (Breast Cancer, Jokes, Weakness, Suicidal, Support)
  • Loss (Divorce, Suffering, Death of Spouse, Grief, Aging)
  • God (God’s Character, Access to God, Evangelism, Prayer, Heaven)

What people are saying


Relatable and Refreshing

Really God? Are You Kidding Me? beautifully weaves together real-life stories, Scripture, journal prompts, and prayer in a way that makes it easy to connect with God, right where you are. Arleen’s humor and honest take on life and faith is relatable and refreshing. Her down to earth approach reminds you that God is with us each step of the way.

Summer Shore
Radio Personality and Co-Founder of Revive Ministries

Insightful, wise, relevant.

Georgene Rice, The Georgene Rice Show

Funny! I love Arleen’s honesty!

Writing out scriptures has made a big difference in my relationship with the Lord.

Rita Pancoast

This is amazing! It has the elements we need, but they are gently shared in an upbeat way.

Sondra Boehm

Thank you so much for writing this book!

It is tremendously Father, Son, and Holy Spirit inspired. I read it to my husband and we both are immensely blessed and so proud of you. Go Girl!

Anne Schauffler

Arleen is an experienced writer armed with rich life experience and a sense of humor that connects faith with everyday living

Robyn Hodgdon